East Java Tour

East java tour to sukabaru and ijen

Day 1: Our crew will ready to pick up You at the Hotel, train/bus station or airport then start drive to Cemara lawang village (2200m) in 3h which is most popular entrance for visitors by passing the farm slope of Tenggerese people. check in and overnight at the hotel, if You arrive early possible to enjoy the sun setting on Bromo.

Day 2: 03.30 ready to chase sunrise drive by 4wd to reach Mount Penanjakan (2770m) to wait the sun rising. After enjoy the magnificent sunrise continuing by drive to cross sand sea to reach the parking lot in the middle of caldera (diameter approximately 10 km), The caldera has seen been filled with grey sands, and it's called Lautan Pasir or Sand Sea. Tourists walk through this expanse on their way to Mount Bromo. Standing at a height of 2329m Mount Bromo is not the tallest volcano in Java. The tallest one is Semeru (3676m), located on the south of Mount Bromo and within sight. Also called Mahameru, meaning "great mountain", Mount Semeru is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia constantly belching steam from the peak. On the right corner of the sight there is another inactive volcano called Batok (2440m) where possible to see some vegetations growing on it like fern, acinium (kind of bush that only grow in high altitude) and family of Casuarina (paint tree). Be sure to bring long warm cloth, and the temperature can drop to between zero and five degrees Celsius in the morning when You start to enjoy the sunrise and it will getting warm when the sun rising while You exploring the Caldera and Bromo volcano itself.

08.00 back to the Hotel for wash and breakfast then preparation for transfer to Kalibaru area in 7h.

Day 3: After breakfast at the Hotel day begin by drive in 4WD vehicle to reach Sukamade in 5hours. On the last part of driving you will pass one of hidden Jungle part of Meru Betiri National Park and cross 3rivers to reach Your homestay, it will become one of unforgettable adventure for You. After check in to homestay continuing the day by Release turtle's baby to Sukamade beach by walk 700mtrs from the parking lot which part of Hindian ocean, Back to homestay to wash and Diner. At 7pm walk back to the beach to chasing Turtle when they laying the egg if You lucky you will found giant turtle and 100eggs with them, when you done then back to Your homestay and overnight.

Day 4: Simple breakfast at the homestay then start drive for transfer to Ijen area, check in to the hotel and overnight.

Day 5: Regularly morning departure drive by 4WD vehicle in 1.5h to reach Paltuding parking lot (1850m). Ijen crater located 45km from Banyuwangi regent which is most popular entrance for visitors. Last minutes drive you will pass one of the best virgin rainforest in Java with original vegetation when lucky You can found black Javanese monkeys hanging on the tree and most special when You see the Puma crossing the road even it's rare and impressive giant fern along the way. At the parking lot where You start to hike for 3.3km the temperature quite freshly average 14-20 degrees Celsius. the trek itself divide in 3 different parts, at the beginning you will found an easy part for 900mtrs continuing by most difficult part 1.4km and end by part looks like almost flat for 1km best way to hike just take your own rhythm or just slowly but sure usually needed 1,5h to reach the peak of Ijen volcano (2386m). All will be worth when you arrive at the point of view from here You will enjoy a magnificent scenery, Ijen crater fill with blue green massive acid lake which contain about 32-33 million cubic meter water in it and it's become the hugest acid lake in the world. On the left corner of the lake with the deep about 325m from point of view there is a yellow slope area called Sulfatara where miners produce bright yellow stone called Sulphur. At the same time you will see the miners up and down the hill transporting the Sulphur with 60-100kg weight on their shoulder just next to the parking where You start to hike. It's one of the toughest profession in the world.

When you finish enjoy the scenery just walk down to the parking lot passing the same way when You hike in 1H then drive back to drop off You On the way to Banyuwangi there is a huge plantation produce several kind of tropical product most famous with Clove and Robusta Coffee when You visit between April till September that will the perfect timing because so many activities to see from local people when they harvest the plantation.

Day 6: After breakfast ready for Your transfer out to Bali, drive by car to reach Ketapang harbor then crossing Bali strait by ferry for 1hour and another drive by car to get your hotel in Bali.

6 Days Java Tour to Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater by JavaExplorers

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