Perang Pandan Bali Special Culture Tour

Perang pandan, special traditional bali culture tour

Bali has various unique traditions, all tradition still keep by the Balinese people until now. One of the tradition is MEKARE- KARE or Famous name Perang Pandan ( Pandan War ). This tradition still keep by people who stay at Tenganan Village at Rengency of KARANG ASEM ( East Bali ).

According to the Story, in the ancient times and the surrounding area Tenganan ruled by a king named Maya Denawa the unjust and cruel , he even made himself as God and forbid the Balinese perform religious rites , hear that the gods in heaven was angry , and the gods sent Lord Indra to resuscitate or destroy Maya Denawa , Lord Indra by lifting as commander of commanders of war or battle . Through fierce fighting and casualties were not the least , the end of the Mayan Denawa can beat her.

War ceremony Pandan / Mekare curry was held 2 days and is held once a year on 1 sasih kalima ( the fifth month of the Balinese calendar ) and is part of the ceremony Sasih Worship is the biggest religious ceremony in the village of Tenganan.Tempat the ceremony Mekare - kare is in front meeting hall in the village yard . Execution time usually begins at 2 pm in which all citizens using custom clothing Tenganan ( Pegringsingan woven cloth ) , for men only use gloves ( Kamen ) , scarves ( saput ) and headband ( udeng ) no shirt , shirtless . This war equipment is tied into the thorny pandanus shape of a mace , while the shield is made of rattan. Every man ( started up teen ) this village shall participate in the implementation of Pandan War , the stage is about 5 x 5 square meters . With a height of about 1 meter , with no safety rope surrounds .

Perang Pandan - Bali Special Culture Tour

Bali Perang Pandan Tour

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