Ogoh-Ogoh Festival Bali Special Culture Tour

Ogoh-ogoh, special traditional bali culture tour

Bali are famous because off the people still keep the Balinese Hindu culture. One off the culture is still keep until today is Ogoh ogoh. Ogoh - ogoh are the symbol of " Butha Kala" The main purpose of the making of Ogoh-ogoh is the purification of the natural environment of any spiritual pollutants emitted from the activities of living beings (especially humans). The forms of Ogoh-ogoh represent the Bhuta-Kala (Bhuta: eternal energy, Kala: eternal time), according to Hindu teachings. The imperceptible potentials of nature cannot be thoroughly explored by anyone. Philosophically, civilized men are required to manage the natural resources without damaging the environment itself.

Aside from being the symbol of Bhuta-Kala, Ogoh-ogoh is considered a symbol of modes of nature that form the malicious characters of living beings. Ogoh-ogoh are usually made by the group of artists found in villages around Bali. After being paraded on a convoy around the town, finally it is burnt to ashes in a cemetery as a symbol of self-purification. During the procession, the Ogoh-ogoh is rotated counter-clockwise three times. This act is done at every T-junction and crossroad of the village. Rotating the effigies during the parade at one day before of Nyepi represents the contact of the bodies with the spirits. It is intended to bewilder the evil spirits so that they go away and cease harming human beings. For the first sighting of the fearsome Ogoh-Ogoh - huge papier-mache effigies of evil monsters. Expect big bulging eyes, contorted faces and hands with fake blood . These are carried through towns and villages in a traditional procession to the cacophony of deafening drummers, claxons, gamelan music - basically, the idea is to make as much noise as is humanly possible in order to scare off all evil spirits. After dark these effigies are ceremoniously burnt to aim of driving these evil spirits far, far away.

Ogoh-Ogoh Festival - Bali Special Culture Tour

Bali Ogoh-Ogoh Festival Tour

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